The best stretching exercises you should be doing everyday

The best stretching exercises you should be doing everyday

What a difference a day makes… if you don’t stretch your muscles. Muscles need a workout every now and then, that we know.

But waaaay too many people forget to stretch their muscles. Equally important as it’s basically how you shape your muscles.

Every muscle needs an occasional stretch, but you all need to know that your breathing plays a huge part in your results. By taking deep and calm breaths, you’ll notice a small gain on your stretch during each exhale.

You can confirm this claim yourself by putting your feet together with straight legs as you’re standing up and slowly start moving your hands and upper body towards the ground. When you reach your maximum stretch, try to breathe in and exhale deep and slow.

You will notice a big difference in your stretching exercises by simply breathing differently, so don’t try to stretch to fast music as it will ruin your breathing rhythm. Learn more about the best stretching exercises by reading the rest of the article.

Butterfly Stretch

Butterfly Stretch

The Butterfly Stretch is one of my favourite. It touches a lot more than one muscle group and leaves you with a good feeling once you’re done.

Sit down on your butt, fold each knee down against the floor and put the soles of your feet together.

Then raise your arms behind your head and point your elbows straight out to the sides while pushing out your chest. You can also tighten your lower back to increase your experience. Hold this pose for a couple of seconds or as long as you seem fit.

See the picture for a clear idea of how to do the Butterfly Stretch.

Calf Stretching

Find a robust spot or lump that you can stand on, preferably 10+ centimetres high. You are not supposed to place your whole feet on the spot, only place your toes on the lump and let your heels sink down as far as you can.

Then slowly push yourself up so that your heels are as far as possible above your toes. Repeat this procedure a couple of times, it’s actually is a stretching exercise as well as a workout.

This stretching exercise is very useful as almost every human walks at least for 10 minutes each day. The calf stretch makes you less stiff, while giving you stronger calves overall.

V in the air!

This stretch is actually exactly what it sounds like. You’re supposed to make a V in the air, not with your arms but with your legs.

So start off by laying down on your back and raise your legs straight into the air. Slowly, start folding out to the sides so that your legs turn into a V.

Gently allow yourself to stretch out the legs further and further out to the sides as you take deep breaths which enables a deeper stretch.

You might notice that you gain a tiny little stretch for each breath you exhale, that’s completely normal and can be noticed through many stretching exercises.

Crow Pose (Bakasana)

Crow Pose

The Crow Pose is a cool and unique stretch that also helps you build up a truly great balance.

It’s quite hard to explain in text but I’ll try, plus I added a picture in the article so that you can understand what I mean. Start off by crouching down on your feet and point your knees out to the sides.

Place your elbows against your knees and your palms against the ground. Then slowly lean forward and allow your hands to take control of gravity.

It might be wise to have a pillow or something soft in front of you in case you tip over, but you can also make a somersault forward in case you do tip over at some point.

You’ll probably feel quite weak or unstable at start, but give it some time and you’ll soon have the balance of a cat. Try to keep a straight back when your lower back is up in the air.

Abdominal Flex

Abdominal Stretch

The Abdominal Flex is a stretching exercise which is meant to stretch out your back and stomach properly and you can do this exercise at home, with or without a yoga ball.

The purpose of the stretch is to push out your stomach. Without a ball, you lay down on your stomach, lift up your upper body with straight arms and push your chest out.

You’re supposed to try to push your chest up in the air, allowing you to take big breaths through both mouth and nose. This flex is great for your inner core muscles. With a yoga ball, the exercise becomes more dynamic.

You can slowly roll around with your back on the yoga ball, allowing you to reach basically every muscle while helping you to clear out stuck nerves in your back.

Back Rotation Stretch

Back Rotation Stracth

The back rotation stretch allows you to loosen up your back on the sides while also touching your legs. You can do this stretch straight on the floor or on a mat in the shape of a cross.

Start off by laying down on your back, pull your left foot against the ground while pulling your right leg over the left one. Meanwhile, your arms should be straight out against the floor.

Slowly, stretch your right leg further and further over your left leg while breathing slowly. Then repeat the process to the other direction, by crossing your left leg over your right.

You can repeat the two directions as many times as you prefer but remember to always listen to your body.