The different types of coffee and how to order your next one

The different types of coffee and how to order your next one

Coffee makes the world go ‘round, no doubt about it. Where would we be without coffee? Probably still at Monday morning. I personally need at least one cup of coffee in order to open my eyes and 2+ to wake up from some time off, so as soon as I start catching up on the emails after the weekend – I pour myself a big coffee mug to enter the productive time zone, the get-it-done zone.

Coffee has been around for hundreds of years but we now have the luxury of making the world a better place by consuming organic coffee.

The only thing better than the smell of coffee in the morning, is the smell of organic coffee with a clear conscience.

Kopi Luwak is toture


“American coffee” doesn’t refer to origins of coffee but rather to how the coffee is prepared with hot water. This is for sure the most common way to drink coffee in the world although I have no idea of why. An “Americano” is a black coffee cup and it can actually be prepared in different ways, espresso + water or by making drip coffee from a percolator.

Saying “American” coffee only refers to regular black coffee without milk. Although the “Americano” is 100% black coffee, the coffee of Americans are actually way weaker than the average coffee cup in Europe, where the coffee culture is extremely present in every home and office.

Espresso & Ristretto

Robusta Caffee

An espresso is a concentrated shot of coffee, similar to a shot of spirits – compared to a beer (a beer equivalent to a cup black coffee). The Espresso is most popular in Italy where it actually is a rarity to see big coffee cups.

The Ristretto is extremely similar to the espresso shot, yet even more concentrated! If you for some (unbelievable) reason would think that espressos are too weak, order yourself a so-called “Ristretto” and see if it hits the right spot. If you are in Italy and want a real cup of big coffee, order a double/triple espresso and ask the barista to top it up with hot water to the rim.

Cappuccino & Macchiato

Arabica Coffee

The Cappuccino is actually very similar to a macchiato; the only thing that differentiates them is the milk that can be found in the cappuccino. The milk is replaced with milk foam in a Macchiato, but that’s the only thing that keeps them apart.

Both the cappuccino and the macchiato have a foundation of espresso behind themselves. You start with a shot of espresso and then you add the milk/milk foam which is what set them apart.

Macchiato means “stained” or “spotted” in Italian while Cappuccino (“cappuccio”) is a certain red-brownish colour which resembles the colour of the hoods that “Capuchins” monks would wear since the 16th century.

You can make a slightly more exclusive cappuccino by sprinkling cinnamon on top of the coffee foam when the cup is prepared.

Mocha & Latte

A latte is actually super easy to pull together. It consists of an espresso shot in a cup which you then fill up to the rim with milk. Mocha is basically the same but you are supposed to add chocolate syrup before you fill up your cup with milk.

Mocha coffee provides a slightly different experience since chocolate syrup is not usual in most coffees, regardless of what kind it is – Mocha is the exception. Latte is ordered world-wide by all sorts of people and resembles a cappuccino, although a Latte is milkier than the average cappuccino.

In some places, a Mocha coffee is called Mocha Latte, simply because it basically is a latte (with a hint of chocolate).

Coffee Desserts

Coffee desserts are very common to wake people up after a dinner or a night out. I dislike eating big and sweet desserts after dinner since I’m already super full, so I’d much rather choose a coffee-based dessert or a sweet cup of coffee than a sugar bomb.

But, if you are having a night out, you should drink some water if you decide to have a coffee or go for a coffee-based dessert as the caffeine will dehydrate your body – just like alcohol does.
Here are some liqueurs that goes well with most sorts of coffee; Frangelico, Baileys, Frangelico, Amaretto, Kahlua, Sheridan’s.

There are surely more, some that I forgot about and some that I yet haven’t tried. So please feel free to suggest other liqueurs through the comment section! Many thanks guys!

Online Coffees

Coffee from restaurant

Before going into detail, I feel a need to inform you about the different coffees that are available online. Let’s start off with the ordinary coffee beans. There are 2 main beans from which coffee is made. First, there’s the Arabica coffee – The gourmet coffee of the world. Arabica has less caffeine but more taste than the second coffee bean; Robusta.

The Robusta beans mainly grow in Asia and come in different variations. These beans are easier to grow and maintain than Arabica, but it also has the double amount of caffeine of what the Arabica beans have.

A majority of the coffee that we drink comes from the Arabica beans but it’s worth mentioning that there is exclusive Robusta coffee available, such as the Kopi Luwak from Indonesia or the Kapéng Alamid from the Philippines.

These two coffees are not purely made of coffee beans, they are actually extracted from the droppings (shit) of Asian palm civets – a cat animal that mainly eat fruits. Weirdly, the palm civet swallows coffee beans but spits out cherry seeds rather than digesting them. It is worth mentioning that there’s a LOT of cruelty involved in the production of the “shit coffees” as the cats are locked into small cages while eating coffee beans, similar to sitting in a tiny little room and only drinking coffee – you’d go nuts.

Besides Arabica, Robusta and the “exclusive shit coffee” – you can also order green coffee extract. The green coffee extract is supposed to help you lose weight but this is more of a theory than a fact. Most doctors are opposed to this concept and I believe that you’d be wasting your money by paying for green coffee extract.