Great ways to connect with people while having a hectic work life

Great ways to connect with people while having a hectic work life

Nowadays, our jobs are very much based on information rather than practical solutions.

We used to work in factories and big productions, a business which have been overtaken by machines as the technologies kept advancing throughout the years.

It’s becoming more and more common that we computers and other devices to quickly access information but also to communicate the information to others just as swiftly as it is obtained. Even though we move less, the nature of our new work tasks force us to think more, wider and faster.

The concept of shareholders in a company is another reason to our everyday stress levels, there’s a constant need for improvements in order to drive up the profits.

Shareholders obviously want positive numbers which becomes a constant push on your back to perform better and faster.

We inhale coffee and cigarettes to keep things going in the preferred direction of shareholders, pushing ourselves towards a faster death and a general deterioration of life. So, all things considered, how do we cope?

It’s important to have friends but not for the sake of “being social”, rather because you like spending time with this someone and/or because the person can relate to what’s going on in your life and help you gain new perspectives on how to deal with everything.

Friends at Work

It’s important to speak to people. To gain perspectives and to feel that someone knows what you’re doing or going through.

Having no friends at work can quickly make you feel isolated and it gets very easy to forget that you are all working towards the same goals.

Having friends doesn’t mean that you should always be speaking to them at work, but! If you happen to have a shitty day at work for any reason – speak to one of your friends at work.

You’ll probably be surprised to see how willing people are to cheer you up and offer you a helping hand in your tough moments. If there’s a procedure that you don’t really understand, speak to people about it to gain knowledge about the procedure. There will also be moments when this type of brainstorming leads to a common realization about improvements. Speak to people at work!

Learn, grow and smile together.

Friends outside Work

Two Friends

It is equally important to have friends outside work as having them at work. Sometimes, you might have built up a level of frustration at work due to various reasons which in many cases are better to unleash in a conversation with a friend rather than shouting at your colleague.

The best way to have a good time outside work is to hang out with those who have the same interests as you. Don’t become too co-dependent and allow yourself to hang out with people who are nothing like you, unless you want to change yourself.

I play music and I noticed that I was learning so much more about music as soon as I started hanging out with other musicians.

Before that, I would hang out with anyone who had a kind face, but I learned quickly not to judge a book by its cover.

In my opinion, being social means nothing if there’s no progress coming out of it.


teach and learn

Get yourself a hobby and start looking for it today. To many, a hobby seems to be a harder to obtain than it actually is.

And remember, this is no permanent decision, you should try everything in life and eventually you’ll discover what you truly burn for. I personally have different hobbies throughout my life. I’ve been playing handball, basketball, guitar, piano, bass, drums, football, table tennis and much more.

However, I only play music nowadays. My point is that you’re not supposed to do only one thing throughout your whole life. Moderation is key in every aspect of life, except for when it comes to your determination of reaching success.

Getting in touch with other people who share your hobby will allow you to grow further and sharing knowledge with new friends to create new bonds.

Chilling Out

Yoga Lesson

What do you like to do when chilling out at night? Watch a movie, go for a walk, playing board-games, listening to music or maybe try to cook some vegetarian food?

Either way, your chilling out interests will definitely change throughout your life, so try to hang out with like-minded while doing your chilling.

There’s absolutely no requirement to be alone when chilling out, but it is however important to allow each other space when you chill out with someone.

Fact is, every time you and someone else are sharing an experience together and talking about it – you both gain each other’s perspectives while being socially active.

Being social has nothing to do with going to places with an infinite amount of people, it’s about communicating, emphasizing and relating to other people.

Physical Activities

Same goes for physical activities. There’s no rule saying that you have to go to the gym alone. In fact, same thing goes at the gym as when chilling out.

You gain new perspectives that might help you reach better results even faster in your training sessions. By doing physical activities (alone or with others) allow you to create naturally good vibrations inside of you.

Staying physically active gives you a greater stamina (both physical and mental) and you get stronger against the stress-factors which we find in our everyday lives.

Please note that you really should try to add physical activities to your life if you are working at an office without moving your body at all. However, there’s probably a very small need to working out if you are working at a construction site for example.

Take a Break

Outdoor coffee brake

Throughout your workday, it’s important to take breaks. A couple of years ago, I used to find porridge in my head every day from not having any breaks.

I would go get myself a cup of coffee and drink it at my desk. Nowadays, I try to walk outside and look at things for 5 minutes every 1 or 2 hours to clear my mind.

As I come back to the desk, I instantly realize ways to tackle a problem which seemed impossible to fix 10 minutes ago.

The most productive people in a company are often those who go for small breaks every now and then.

Get some fresh air or speak to one of your colleagues, it does wonders to the team spirit and your productiveness!