Things to include in your next picnic


Things to include in your next picnic

A picnic can be a perfect daytrip for any company; it’s an outdoor experience and a great way to reconnect with nature! The word picnic comes from French; “Pique-Nique” translates to “Pick-Small” – indicating that people brought dishes that the whole company could pick small portions of.

In England, a picnic was something for the noble people who commonly ate meals out in nature as a small break in a hunting trip.

Make sure to check weather forecasts and check the weather in the morning before going out, bring food in Tupperware boxes (to keep bacteria away), blanket(s), sandwiches, games, board-games, a full stomach, firewood, knife, happy mood, garbage bags, and most important: the right people.

It doesn’t really matter where or who you are if you are surrounded by idiots, but on the other hand – a picnic is a great way to find out if you are surrounded by idiots or not. Good luck and have fun, picnickers!

A Great Picnic Spot

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Before you go on a picnic, it’s wise to have an idea of where to go. Ask yourself why you are going. Are you going with a girlfriend/boyfriend or are you going out with your parents?

Either way, location is paramount. You obviously want great views and perfect weather, but even the best weather can quickly change – especially during spring and autumn.

So, keep wind and other factors of nature in mind when looking for your perfect spot. You can try your luck by picking an open spot where the winds can change in a heartbeat, but please bring suitable clothes. Or even better, bring a big blanket so that you and your partner can keep each other warm if clouds would happen to block the sun for an hour.

(Tip: If there’s chance for rain, don’t go on a picnic unless you prefer a sick partner!)

Picnic Food

Family Picnic

Taste is special and unique to all of us, but some dishes are actually easier to both prepare and to consume out in nature. Sandwiches are great.

You prepare them before you go and it usually takes a long time for them to go bad, unless you’ve got some bad meat in it.

Tupperware can be of great value, since these allow you to bring concealed food in big quantities that you and your picnic friend(s) easily can share.

Theoretically, you could enter any supermarket and buy prepared food. However, these prepared items rarely contain sufficient nutrients for a human and the food has no soul.

Instead, I suggest you to take your time and check out your favourite recipes and other dishes that can be brought in one big Tupperware box. It feels nice to bring 5+ boxes to show that you came well-prepared, but you might also want to save some room for blankets, clothes, drinks and other necessities.

The Picnic Date

Picnic date is a wonderful concept. I always loved spending time out in nature but the partners I’ve had rarely shared my enthusiasm for camping adventures, so the compromise usually was morning, noon and afternoon picnics! I love being outdoors as much as I love being self-sufficient, so if it gets cold I always have a blanket or I start a fire to keep us warm.

You don’t need to make everything yourself, ask your partner to bring a few things and to help you out when you reach the picnic site.

It’s important that every picnicker feel involved and learn new things, and even better – you can learn something from them! There are no rules for a picnic, so if it’s your first picnic together – speak to your partner and make a list of what you both want on your picnic.

Then you decide who brings what, when and where.

The Family Picnic

Picnic in the Garden

A family picnic means more preparation and less comfort than the picnic date. There are kids to keep track of and possibly animals too, while you need to unpack everything and set up a temporary haven for you and your kin.

If kids come along, you should definitely bring board-games, a football, a boomerang or similar to keep the kids occupied while you set up the day camp. A picnic is all about relaxing in nature with those you love, so don’t pressure yourself to do too much.

Just being together in nature is enough. A pro tip is to be involved in the kids’ activities rather than monitoring them, share this beautiful moment together!

Kids might get cranky if they run around too much so make sure the kids have a proper meal in the morning before you head towards your chosen picnic area.


There’s a quote that I like a lot: “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst”.

The weather can easily ruin the whole picnic experience to you if you go unprepared. Check out the weather forecasts and look at the sky throughout the morning to have an idea of what to expect out on your picnic trip. If there’s a chance of rain, I wouldn’t go, but you might be tougher than me. Don’t get me wrong, I love rain and I don’t mind getting wet.

However, I wish to think that there are good and bad moments for every scenario. A picnic is supposed to take place in nature, allowing you to feel connected with it. A rainy picnic-day can quickly make you and your friends/family sick for days.

You can however overcome winds by bringing wind-resistant clothes or by simply choosing a spot which is secluded from strong winds.

Sometimes, it might be worth it to set up a little campfire which also allows you to prepare other dishes than you usually would on a picnic. A picnic doesn’t have to be cold. Think outside the box.

Recycling & Sustainable

Picnic in the woods

You want to pick a nice and clean spot for your picnic, which is one reason to why you should take back every item that you brought out to the picnic.

Don’t use paper or plastic cutlery/plates; those are inventions of the previous decennia where we still were too uneducated to realize our effect on the planet. Now, there’s no excuse to be using paper or plastic items in nature.

Bring cutlery from home and store them in the empty Tupperware boxes on your way back. The most important thing about a picnic is experiencing and appreciating the magnificent nature, not having fun.

Personally, I always have fun outside in a clean environment under the sun.

Especially with the right people.